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Types of Support Available for IT Users

There are many forms of IT support, and while some of them are good for all situations, others are best reserved for specific types of technology. Commercial hardware support, for example, may need to be provided by a live technician who visits the customer’s company to replace things like hard drives or memory. On the… (read more)

What is Technophobia and What Causes it?

Though it may be hard for you to believe, there are still people in the world who have the chance, but refuse to learn how to use a computer. The weird part is that many of these people are music composers, writers, journalists, and publishers- which could benefit from using a computer. This phenomenon is… (read more)

First Alibaba, then Weibo?

The long awaited IPO from Alibaba was even more successful, and impressive, than industry analysts predicted. It has made everyone wonder what Chinese platform will be next to cross over to a public offering. Many eyes are looking towards Weibo, and there are reasons why that may or may not work. Before you get too… (read more)

5 Common Sense Blogging Tips (nobody knows)

A blog remains one of the best ways to get and keep traffic on the Internet. There are a lot of fancy guides with some neat tricks, but here are 5 common sense blogging tips everyone seems to forget to do. Tip #1 – Check out someone else’s before you sign up Before you sign… (read more)